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3 Wheel Golf Push Pull Cart Trolley

Quick Fold 3 Wheel golf trolley Features:

·        Adjustable handle height to suit all golfers.

·        Functional foot operated brake. Cart will hold on the steepest of slopes.

·        Adjustable top and bottom cradles for quick secure lock on any size bag.

·        No Assembly required. Just click the wheels on and the cart is ready for operation.

·        Score counter and ball line up marker included in compartment.

·        Smooth running, stylish, maintenance free, ball bearing wheels feature a simple detachable mechanism for easy cleaning and compact storage.

·        Mesh ball pocket design for your golf ball

·        The super-strong, double wishbone aluminum frame is both strong, lightweight, and comes with an attractive finish in various colors.

·        Attached to the handle is an umbrella holder to keep both you and your equipment dry during a downpour and allow play in all conditions.

·        Your clubs will be even more accessible thanks to the more upright position that your bag sits.

·        Fully adjustable front wheel to adjust steering.

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