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golf grips

Soft Golf Grips for Golf Clubs Set of 13,Anti-Slip,Super Shock Absorption,Ultra-light Material,Stylish and Colorful Visual Design

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grip is made of two parts, and the inner tube is made of rubber or ultra-light foaming material, Tacky Polyurethane outer layer for a great comfortable feel,more astringent feel better.

- All-weather to provide excellent astringent and slip effect Provide comfortable feel and super shock absorption

- Through the lighter grip pressure, to obtain a more natural consistent and stable swing Comfortable, painless fast swing

- In line with the design of scientific engineering design, in the main hand contact points to provide a variety of leather with, super anti-slip effect, stylish and colorful visual design

- Install more convenient and use more comfortable to help you better control your club, to be the best golfer.

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