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How To Choose The Best Golf Umbrella

How To Choose The Best Golf Umbrella

Are you wondering how to choose the best golf umbrella? Every golfers bag should be equipped with an umbrella. The type of golf umbrella you choose should make your golf game more enjoyable and you more focused on the game instead of the inclement weather around you.  Add a Brella bag to your wish list for hands free protection during inclement weather.

  1. Auto open. Invest in an umbrella with a push button for auto open on the handle. This will result in faster protection against the elements. These types of golf umbrellas are available at sporting goods stores.

  2. Wind tested golf umbrellaChoosing a wind tested double layer canopy results in keeping you drier as the umbrella is less likely to turn inside out. This will result in you being less likely to lose your umbrella to the wind.

  3. Large diameter golf umbrellas. The best golf umbrellas are 62 inches in diameter. This results in keeping the top portion of your body as well as your golf bag and clubs drier while golfing.

  4. Fiberglass shaft. Having a fiberglass shaft on your umbrella while out on the golf course during a storm is safer. Traditional steel shafts may attract lightning or snap in high winds.

  5. Rubber handles are a must for a best golf umbrella. Whether you choose foam rubber or one that is shaped to fit your hand is your preference. Rubber ergonomic handles are available on most larger golf umbrellas.

  6. Wrist band. Having this feature to put your hand through is another feature to prevent your umbrella from getting away from you. This feature is available on most umbrellas.

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