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How to play golf

How to play golf


Golf Industry

China has international golf fair every year, usually held in March. People who interested it can pay attention to the news online. General exhibition has these part: Golf club, teaching, golf course management design, golf course maintenance and a lot of derivative high-end industries. I was engaged in golf club part, so this article is mainly to introduce some of this content.

Golf Club Brand

Mainly brands Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist. Other brands Ben Hogan, Cobra, Nike, Macgregor, Ping, Wilson, etc.

How to choose golf club

1. Playing activity

In order to promote the brand, make people to buy more clubs, the brand will held Palying activity at local stadium. No matter how beautiful the club is, hoe good the performance was described, only tried to play by yourself, you can only know if it is suitable for you. Everyone's strength and the movement of the swing are different, so others can only recommend, well-known brand club may not good for you, the general brand of the club may better than branded for you.

2.Hot List

GolfDigest do evaluation for the new released products, they always invited the not skilled  players do the test, so the evaluation results are quite convincing.

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