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Putter Fitting Tips: Putter Offset
A putter shaft can be straight or curved as it approaches the putter head. A shaft can be mounted in the heel or center of the putter head, as well as in between. A shaft can also be mounted into a “hosel,” a joint that extends from the putter head.

Regardless, depending on how the shaft curves and/or how the hosel is constructed, a putter can have varying degrees of “offset.”

In a putter with no offset, the leading edge of the shaft is in direct line with the leading edge of the putter face when looking down at the putter. In a putter with offset, the leading edge of the shaft is slightly ahead of the putter face when looking down.

The term “full shaft” offset means that the offset is equal to the width of the shaft, while ½-shaft offset signifies that the offset is roughly equal to half of the width of the shaft.

Offset putters are preferred by golfers who like to have their hands slightly ahead of the ball during the putting stroke. Some also believe that eye dominance plays a role in fitting offset to the golfer.


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