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Golf Club Maintenance

There are many reasons for the wear of the rod surface. If the center of the rod wear serious, often hit the ball. If the head and toe root problems, suggesting that either swing problems, or a club assembly problem. Wear that toe rod body is too short, or too far away from the ball player position. The root wear shows the opposite problem.
At the end of the rod wear can reveal the landing angle or swing problem. Under normal circumstances, wear occurred in the middle of the bottom of the bar, that is, under the sweet spot. If the wear occurs in the root, the landing angle is too large or grip position is too low. With the root ball easily lead to hook. On the contrary, if the wear occurred in the toe, indicating the landing angle is too small or too low grip position, swing too steep. With the toe ball easily leads to right hook. If there are problems, it is best to consult a professional, to correct a club or a ball position.

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