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How To Choose A Golf Grip?

5 Steps to Choose A Golf Grip:


Size is the single most important factor when selecting a grip. There are four basic golf grip sizes: Undersize, Standard, Midsize and Oversize. Further customization can be achieved by adding additional layers of tape during installation.

Using an improperly fitted grip can cost a player 3-4 strokes every round. A grip that's too small, promotes extra hand action and commonly leads to pulling the ball. A grip that's too large limits wrist pronation, stifles shot distance, and can cause you to slice or push the shot.


Most grips are made of rubber or synthetic leather materials. These grips are extremely durable and come in a variety of styles and colors. Some new & innovative materials, like Microfiber Silicon, offer the additional benefits of superior vibration dampening and long-lasting tackiness.


TH-Sport golf grips are available in a wide range of surface textures. The design and pattern on the surface of a grip creates either a smooth feel or a more coarse and abrasive feel. When selecting a grip, golfers should choose a texture that feels comfortable and secure. Microfiber Silicon material golf grip will be a good choice. The texture is good, and it won't be slippery which could be used for a long time. 


TH-Sport Microfiber Silicon golf grips feel firm and offer superior torsion control that is well suited for players with high swing speeds. 

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For golfers playing in wet and humid weather, special care should be taken to select the right golf grip. Golf grips that include cord fabric are especially helpful in creating extra traction and support in wet conditions. But, for many players, cord grips are too aggressive for their hands. If cord is not an option, then golfers should look for a grip with a heavy pattern and surface texture to provide the necessary traction to keep their clubs from slipping (or flying) out of their hands. Smooth grips and grips made of plastic or other polymers are not well suited for play in extremely wet conditions.


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