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Material Classification Of Golf Gloves

Golf gloves material basically divided into three categories: leather; PU material; cloth class. The dermis is divided into: sheep skin, goat skin, and other skin. Several materials may be used in actual production.
Genuine leather gloves feel good, can provide the best grip to hit the ball feeling, is a master choice, the disadvantage is easy to loss, difficult to take care of, and the most expensive price.
PU material gloves advantages of cheap materials, but the permeability and texture slightly worse. But some high-end PU with some leather performance, their softness and feel are very good, some of the patented product permeability is also very high, and even through the water vapor. Of course, the price of these products has also been directly realistic leather gloves.
Non woven fabrics (superfine fiber material) and super fiber cloth gloves are the most resistant to fight, the general price between the top two kinds of gloves. The disadvantage is wearing a long time the gloves will be deformed, because, after all, is a man-made things out.

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