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The Daily Nursing Of Golf Shoes

Sole should be a comprehensive land subsidence, tilt, such as lawn condition not good place, under the condition of being drenched by the rain, the soles of the feet are particularly vulnerable to skid. When walking as far as possible to expand the contact area between the sole and the ground, please walk carefully from the usual start. Don't walk in a slippery place.
In the case of a giant step, the push force of the ground is pushed to the ground, thereby increasing the strength of the forward force, thereby increasing the likelihood of a foot slip. In the wet ground, ground and cement etc. on the road, please try to walk step.
A frequently change for the soft nail golf shoes need to be replaced after, to replace the spikes timely. Because of the soft spikes on the nail is made of resin or rubber, so the loss than metal spikes soon.

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