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The Secret To Lydia Ko's Success

The secret to Lydia Ko's success

Repeat major champion Lydia Ko says a key to her golfing success is having fun on the course.

"I play better when I am laughing or smiling or having fun out there. Obviously you need to be serious and focus on the shot you need to hit," 

"But during the breaks when you are walking up to the next shot or walking up to the green there is still so much to enjoy about it and I am just trying to enjoy being out there with the girls and having fun."

With her usual grace, Ko accepted questions which compared her impact to Tiger Woods.

She hoped her style would encourage more juniors to take up the sport. She had never met Woods but hoped to have that honour one day.

"...she prefers to focus on her game rather than going after endorsements that could at least help make her one of the most recognised athletes in the world," she wrote. 

At the same time, a good performance golf club in her bag which has played a good cooperator for her competition. Also she has a very tacky putter grip in her hand. Which the material is Microfiber Silicon. A very tacky Putter Grips


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